Legal Instruments

It is extremely important that NPT members nominate the VAU as their bargaining representative. YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THE FORM HERE.

The Victorian Ambulance Union (VAU) consulted with VAU members of National Patient Transport (NPT) in a survey, to work on a log of claims (LOC) for a new Enterprise Agreement (EA).

Enterprise bargaining is a process that allows employees, usually represented by their nominated Union (VAU) to negotiate on your behalf, for improved terms and conditions that should be included in an EA. The log of claims, decided in consultation with the VAU members during the survey and some upcoming meetings, will be collated, and emailed to members for final review prior to contact with NPT management.

Though other claims can arise during bargaining and re-negotiation can occur it is important that an initial log of claims be complete with regard to every detail. We will be working hard to ensure any ambiguity in any EA clause is removed.

Survey Results

A comprehensive log of claims list was provided to members in the survey as a starting point. Some (not all) of the claims were:

  • 30-minute meal break counted as ‘ordinary time worked’
  • Increase in wages, allowances, increase in allowances to have yearly increments
  • Observer allowance
  • Pay disparity between AA and PTO to increase to adequately represent the difference in responsibility
  • Increase in training hours

The survey also included a ‘free comment’ section so members could contribute additional claims they would like to see in an LOC. Some (not all) of these claims were;

  • Paid delegate release
  • Increase to paid parental leave
  • Paid vaccination leave
  • Reduced wait period for casual conversion
  • Increase to vehicle check times
  • Boots reimbursement
  • Expiry date for old/outdated equipment
  • Ability to take annual leave in less than 1-week blocks – this was by far the most asked for claim in the free comment section

Nominating the VAU as your bargaining representative

It is extremely important that NPT members nominate the VAU as their bargaining representative. The most effective collective bargaining is upheld by strength in numbers. Historically you only have to look at the Code Red Ambulance campaign to see what a unionised and collective work force can achieve in negotiations when an employer holds the power balance.

Attached to this bulletin as Page 4 is the bargaining nomination form for you to fill out and return to the VAU. These forms will be emailed to NPT management when bargaining recommences and will form part of a log provided to the Fair Work Commission should Industrial Action need to occur at any point.

To make sure that the “Victorian Ambulance Union” is formally recognised as your bargaining representative, and that you can take protected industrial action as a member of the VAU, you must complete the template notice AND email this to us via [email protected] with the subject heading ‘Bargaining Nomination – National Patient Transport’ and to NPT at [email protected]


IMPORTANT: This notice of appointment will need to be sent to National Patient Transport for the notice to legally come into effect.

FAQ’s Q: Can I copy and paste the text in the template into an email and send to NPT?

Yes – so long as you ensure that you insert your name and the date of the appointment in the text copied from the attached template.

Q: What date should I record on the notice?

It must be the date you complete the notice. For example, if you complete the notice today, you must record today’s date. Do not backdate the notice.

Q: What happens if I do not nominate the VAU as my bargaining representative?

If you do not formally appoint the VAU as your bargaining representative, then you will not be able to take protected industrial action as a VAU member if and when the VAU makes an application for a protected action ballot order from the Fair Work Commission. Remember, as a VAU member, you can organise and engage in industrial action, so long as you appoint the VAU in writing as your bargaining representative and let NPT know (see enclosed template). You will be one of the group of employees specified in any protected action ballot order which the VAU obtains.

Q: How soon should I complete the notice of appointment?

To ensure you will be protected in the event that industrial action is taken by the members of the VAU, it is important that you complete the notice of appointment as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please email, or call your NEPT Organisers.

If you have any further questions about the nominating process after reading the attachment, please don’t hesitate to contact your NEPT Organisers;

  • Kerry McLean 0480 194 783
  • Bruce Fine 0480 194 711