The CWU, VAU, UFU and UWU (the Unions) have unanimously agreed to resolve the outstanding issues with 000Vic and the Enterprise Agreement.

The Unions have communicated to Julius Roe our position that we will collectively support an in-principle agreement and call for a yes vote if:

  1. The ATLs and TLs who have currently got one year or more of service move to the one-year service mark in the new classification structure in six months. Then those who have two or more years of service move to the two-year service mark in twelve months.
  2. The operative date for the new classification structure increases is 30 April 2024 rather than the date of the agreement coming into operation.

000 VIC are prepared to accept the Unions position subject to:

  • The in-principle agreement and heads of agreement of 3 April 2024 is reaffirmed.
  • No industrial action is in place or proposed.
  • The Unions are committed to finalising the drafting by a revised agreed date of 28 June 2024 (in lieu of the previously agreed deadline of 30 April).
  • The Unions will be supportive of the approval of the agreement in a ballot.

Please be advised that the uniform ban will be lifted from Thursday 20 June 2024.

Next steps: Upon completion of drafting, the Enterprise Agreement will need final approval from Government, it will then be voted on by all Employees, then filed for certification at the Fair Work Commission.

In Unity,