Bernard Goss
ALS Paramedic & VAU President

Bernard joined the Union because as a collective, ambos have the power to change things for the better and stop adverse effects on wages and conditions. Bernard wants to see a workplace that has adequate resourcing, is free from bullying and harassment, and is supportive of young paramedics so they can reach their full potential. To Bernard, the VAU is family, and family looks after each other through the good times and bad times. Bernard is also the coordinator of the “How Are You Travelling” peer support meetings in Gippsland and was elected as President of the VAU at the first annual AGM in October 2019.

Brett Howard
Ambulance Attendant

Brett spent 10 years as a Patient Transport Officer and 14 years an Ambulance Attendant. Brett joined the VAU because he wants to see more recognition for the skills and the work people do in NEPT. Brett has been active in recruiting new members. He has also been a strong advocate for the rights of patient transport ambos, particulary with regards to achieving paid meal breaks. 

Rhiannon Davis
ALS Paramedic

Rhiannon has been a paramedic for 6 years, and is currently based at Hamilton branchin Barwon South West. She joined the VAU because she wanted to be part of a Union purely focused on the ambulance industry. She became an active delegate in 2020 because she believed in the collective power of workplace advocacy and union membership.