Classification Structure and Flow Chart Attached

Industrial Action will be lifted Tuesday 23 April

Following in principle agreement being reached with 000VIC on 03 April and the subsequent release of the proposed classification structure provided over the weekend, Unions have agreed to lift work bans effective 23 April 2024. Members should endeavour to lift the work bans as soon as able. Should it become necessary, bans can be reimplemented.

The classification structure provided to employees and accompanying flow chart has also been attached to this bulletin.

As noted before, the classification structure provides:

  • higher base rates for new call takers.
  • improved multi-skilling pathways.
  • new Senior Call Taker and Senior Dispatcher positions to recognise valuable experience at these levels.
  • new Senior Team Leader position to recognise additional leadership qualifications and experience for team leaders.
  • clearer and increased pathways for career advancement.
  • recognition and reward for training progression (including classroom and consolidation).
  • increased years of experience and service increments for classification levels.
  • immediate increases for WPTs, ATLs and TLs.

No employee can be worse off under the new classification structure.

Drafting of the proposed new agreement is currently continuing and we expect this to be completed shortly.

Following the completion of drafting, the proposed agreement will proceed to a vote of all employees before being submitted to the Fair Work Commission for certification upon a successful vote.

Member meetings are currently continuing this week and Union delegates and officials will continue to remain available to answer any questions throughout the process.

Note: i.e. the attached Classification Structure and Flow Chart:

  1. The yearly salary rates exclude the third-year service increment and 3% increase, however will be included in the proposed agreement.
  2. Please read the notes at the end which must be read in conjunction with the Classification Structure.
  3. The new structure provides significant increases in some areas, key to Union claims.
  4. Some classifications remain at current rates, those classifications will receive the 3% annual increase (as do all classifications) or provide more of an increase in the subsequent years of experience.

In solidarity