As most VAU members may know, the Unions and 000VIC were in the process of drafting the new in-principle agreement. However, there has been a recent disagreement between the parties about the understanding of years of service and how they apply in the new Classification Structure (CS).

000VIC has backflipped on what was agreed upon and understood by the Unions. The Unions (VAU, CWU, UFU and UWU) have written to 000VIC to notify them that unless previous service at 000VIC is recognised in the CS for all purposes – we do not have any agreement in principle. We are still waiting for a response from 000VIC.

Officials and Delegates are acutely aware that members are frustrated by the delays, as we are, because this could have been completely avoided if 000VIC has properly communicated their position over the last 14 months of bargaining.

The Unions notified 000VIC yesterday that the uniform ban will recommence at 0600 hours on Wednesday, 8 May 2024.

As a reminder to all, Action No. 4 (Uniform ban) is: Employees will not perform work unless wearing union uniform and/or clothing other than ESTA uniform.