Association Documents

Download your delegate nomination form and notice.

The VAU has a strong delegate network with over 150 elected delegates across the state who provide local support and representation to VAU members in AV, ESTA and NEPT and who help make ambulance a job for life.

VAU members will soon be bargaining for better wages and working conditions across most of the ambulance workforce in Victoria including public and private sector. To achieve improved conditions and to protect what we already have, we need to be prepared to bargain as a strong and united collective.

There is so much we need to achieve in all our bargaining negotiations if we are to retain our experienced workforce and make ambulance a career for life, rather than a five-year job. The most powerful weapon in bargaining is our collective strength and preparedness for all members to take industrial action if required. This is what achieves outcomes.

Enterprise bargaining is a fight for survival and if you don’t fight, you lose. While we have a history of delivering improvements without trading away conditions in recent EBAs, it is important to remember that all conditions in agreements can be placed at risk and need to be protected.

As soon as bargaining begins, we will start collecting the appropriate documentation so that the membership is ready to take industrial action if needed. While we always hope that it will not be necessary, it is important to be prepared early, and we will be. Our delegates are key to preparing for and leading industrial action if its needed.

So, if your workplace does not have a delegate and you are interested in becoming a leader, recruiting and mobilising and taking up the fight for better working conditions for your workmates, send through an email to [email protected].