The Victorian Ambulance Union has received a large number of complaints from members about recent Ambulance Victoria (AV) recruitment processes for:

  • ALS Senior Team Manager
  • MICA Senior Team Manager
  • Regional Capability Development Coordinator
  • Emergency Management Planning Coordinator
  • Operations Community Engagement Liaison Coordinator
  • Paramedic Community Support Coordinator
  • Clinical Support Officer

This includes members who have been told they are not worthy of an interview even though they have acted in these roles for many years, and some have been asked by AV to continue to act in these roles.

Members are advised that under the AV Grievance Procedure (PRO/PAC/001), AV employees have the right to lodge a formal grievance in relation to promotions. Members are often reluctant to lodge grievances in relation to recruitment processes, but we encourage you to exercise your right to do this as you are protected against victimisation or unfair treatment. It is also important for AV to be made aware of the distress that these process cause members.

In Solidarity.