As members will be aware, the Ambulance Victoria Enterprise Agreement 2020 (Agreement) expires on 31 January 2024 and the Victorian Ambulance Union Incorporated (VAU) has been collecting suggestions from members for inclusion in our log of claims to bargain for a new enterprise agreement.

We received over 700 submissions from our members which have been collated and presented to the VAU State Council for final endorsement. We are pleased to inform members that State Council have endorsed the log of claims and today the VAU served the finalised log of claims on AV and the Victorian Government.

Please see letter to AV and VAU log of claims.

The VAU will have an experienced team of officials and employment lawyers at the bargaining table and are ready to begin fighting for improvements to the wages and working conditions of VAU members.

However, it will be the strength of our membership on the ground that will determine our success at the bargaining table. The first step will be nominating the VAU as your bargaining representative when AV issues the Notice of Employee Representational Rights (NERR) this week.

This is an important first step of bargaining that will ensure that you will be included in any ballot to take part in protected industrial action should that need to occur once the Agreement expires. It also sends an important message to your employer that the VAU membership is serious about achieving success in bargaining.

The VAU will release instructions on this in the coming days using a simple online link.