To date there have been 74 bargaining meetings with Ambulance Victoria (AV) to reach agreement on a new enterprise agreement to cover our members at AV. An initial settlement offer was presented to the workforce on 20 December 2023. In an SMS poll of the VAU members working for AV, over 86% rejected that offer.

On Thursday 29 February 2024 a second settlement offer has been tabled. This offer includes all items included in the offer of 20 December 2023, however it includes several additional items including:

  • MICA salary uplift.
  • MICA program salary maintenance.
  • End-of-shift management model (restriction on Code 3 dispatch in last hour).
  • Extending the Appendix 1 classification model by adding up to Year 12 increment (excluding ACOs and Fleet).

Note: all items presented in bargaining meetings are without prejudice and subject to final approval. 

The VAU is currently reviewing the details of the updated offer carefully and will provide more detailed information early next week.

This is a positive development. However, there are many key claims that have not yet been addressed and will be subject to further negotiations over coming weeks, including:

  • Claims relating to ACO’s.
  • ARU allowances for all purpose.
  • Unsociable shift allowances.
  • Travel for full shift overtime.
  • Clinical Instructor allowances and provisions.
  • On-call provisions.
  • Relativity claims for Senior Resourcing Officers and Referral Service Team Leaders.
  • Shift allocation (reducing ‘spare’).
  • Reserve, Relieving, Senior Relieving provisions.
  • Workload clause.
  • Right to disconnect clause.
  • Improvements to disciplinary clause.
  • Meal allowances.
  • Communications Centre Allowance for admins support officers.
  • Screen breaks.
  • OHS clause.
  • Payment of 50% of sick leave on transition to retirement or on medical grounds.

More to follow….