Over recent weeks the VAU have received a concerning number of calls from members in tears while on Workcover after suffering a workplace injury in the course of their employment with Ambulance Victoria (AV).

Examples include:

  • Members feeling unsupported by AV.
  • AV not complying with certificates of capacity that members provide.
  • Aggressive calls from AV while on Workcover or dealing with return to work and fitness for duty matters.
  • Members feeling pressured to resign from AV.
  • Members feeling AV is trying to persuade them that they have no prospects of returning to work (even if the member has medical advice that they can return).
  • Threatening members that they will be sent to AV’s Independent Medical Examiner (IME).
  • Inappropriate contact with members’ medical practitioner to obtain medical information without seeking consent from the member first.
  • Refusing to speak with members treating medical practitioner after being requested to by the member.

The VAU is considering its legal options on behalf of members.
Members are advised to formalise any complaints through the Professional Standards and Behaviours Department (PSBD).

Members are also advised to conduct any communication through email so there is a record of any comments made to you. If a phone conversation must occur, then have a witness present.
The VAU completely supports AV in reducing the amount of time people spend on WorkCover. However, we believe the best way to do this is to stop injuring your workforce as opposed to reinjuring them while on WorkCover.

In Solidarity