The Emergency Service Foundation (ESF) supports the emergency management sector to prevent the incidence and impact of mental injury for the 139,000 volunteers and paid staff who serve us.

While every employer has responsibility for looking after the safety and wellbeing of their people, ESF is the only organisation that is entirely dedicated to the prevention of mental health injury for Victoria’s emergency workers. We do this with the support of 14 member agencies.

Working at the frontline in emergencies can be traumatic. That’s why ESF needs to be at the frontline of mental health, to make sure we have the best possible strategies to help prevent people from our sector being harmed by the work they must do.

ESF seeks to get ahead of the mental harm and injury threat that currently pervades the sector – that’s why our focus in on prevention and early intervention. 

To achieve this aim we lead initiatives that translate research into innovative evidence-informed practice and programs and work collaboratively with the agencies so people right across the sector benefit.

ESFs strategic and collaborative approach to addressing shared sector wide mental health challenges makes the sector better together.