Please see above to view the Log of Claims which was presented to ESTA.

All parties met on 8 February 2023 to commence bargaining.

The negotiations for a new Enterprise Agreement are being facilitated by Julius Roe, (ex-Commissioner of FWC) and he is using an interest based bargaining approach. This process tries to address what the issues are, then all parties try and mutually agree on solutions. This approach aims to gain an Agreement as soon as possible without too much delay.

The focus initially is staffing, rosters, workload and well-being; and the classification structure review.

The staffing review will include the Unions making their submission in the next couple of weeks. This will include addressing a safe staffing level claim.

Nominate the VAU as your Bargaining Representative

As bargaining has commenced, we are now seeking that you ‘Nominate the VAU as your Bargaining Representative’.

How do you do this?

In order for the VAU to represent you at the bargaining table, it is essential that you nominate us as your bargaining representative. If you do not do so you will not be able to vote in a Protected Action Ballot and you would not be able to take protected Industrial Action (IA) should that be required to reach agreement.

To nominate the VAU please click this link, fill in your details and click send.