In preparation for ESTA enterprise bargaining, which will commence in early 2023, the Unions have held several member meetings. The VAU conducted a Zoom meeting prior to several visits to all SECCs with the CWU and UFU. In these meetings we asked to hear from members about what should be included in your future ESTA Enterprise Agreement.

What LOC ideas has the VAU received so far?

In all negotiations, increases to baseline wages and allowances will be sought as a standard claim. Members have indicated a strong preference for the allowances and clauses in the current Memorandum of Understanding to be part of the log of claims (LOC).

The most significant issue members have raised is safe staffing levels, and many of the other claims received commonly tie into appropriate and safe staffing levels. Some (but not all) examples of LOC ideas received are:

  • Better access to all leave type provisions;
  • Increase to leave allocation including personal leave;
  • Increase to career progression opportunities, including pools, multiskilling and higher duties;
  • Training and mentoring standards (minimum trainer to learner ratios and mentor to mentee ratios);
  • Training and mentoring allowances;
  • Time frames between training courses;
  • Additional classifications;
  • Increase to years of service, and increase to years of service increments;
  • Significant increase to secondary caregiver parental leave;
  • WILSECC dispatch or WILSECC ATLs to not require dispatch training.

It is drawing to the time where we will work on specific wording of the received ideas to form the Unions’  LOC. This is your reminder to get engaged with your workplace Agreement and email your LOC ideas to Once a draft LOC is compiled, members will be emailed copy to review and provide additional feedback before the LOC is finalised.

In solidarity,