As members may be aware the Royal Flying Doctor Service Victoria Patient Transport Employees Enterprise Agreement 2021 expires on June 30, at the end of this month.

As a condition of your current Enterprise Agreement (the Agreement), bargaining for a new Agreement begins six (6) months out from the nominal expiry of your existing Agreement. RFDS wrote to the VAU in December of 2023, requesting a delay to the start of bargaining to April 2024 at the earliest, whilst they awaited a decision as to whether they were successful in a tender for future Ambulance Victoria (AV) contracts. RFDS also advised employees of this decision via email with a commitment to backdating a new Agreement to July 1, 2024.

The VAU have written to RFDS seeking to commence negotiations. You should soon receive a Notice of Employee Representational Rights (NERR) from them.

Log of Claims Survey – Have your say

The VAU have set up an RFDS Agreement email to collect your suggestions for your log of claims. The aim of the log of claims is to improve the working lives and working conditions for all of members through the next round of enterprise bargaining. Please send your ideas to:

Whilst reflecting on what you would like to see in your updated Agreement it is a good idea to review what has been achieved in other NEPT Agreements, notably St John’s and NPT’s 2023 Agreements, available for you to view on our website.

We strongly encourage all members to send in suggestions about what improvements you would like to the Agreement so that our log of claims can reflect your lived experiences as RFDS employees.

Member Meetings

The VAU will conduct some online member meetings to discuss log of claims ideas. These meetings will be a valuable opportunity for you to engage with the VAU and your colleagues and raise suggestions and questions you have on an Agreement that governs your working conditions.

Agreement negotiations give members an opportunity to improve their working conditions. Remember, if you don’t tell us what you want, we can’t bargain on your behalf to get it.

Nominate the VAU as your Bargaining Representative

As the first bargaining planning meeting with RFDS is scheduled for the first week of July, we are now seeking that you ‘Nominate the VAU as your Bargaining Representative’.

How do you do this?

In order for the VAU to represent you at the bargaining table, it is essential that you nominate us as your bargaining representative. If you do not do so you will not be able to vote in a Protected Action Ballot and you will not be able to take protected Industrial Action (IA) should that be required to reach agreement.

If the link is not supported by your browser, please copy and paste the following into a new email and send to the following email addresses:

TO: [email protected]

CC: [email protected]

SUBJECT: Bargaining Nomination – RFDS

Dear Debra,

I, [insert your NAME] [insert your EMPLOYEE NUMBER], hereby nominate the Victorian Ambulance Union Incorporated (VAU) as my bargaining representative for the Royal Flying Doctor Service Victoria Patient Transport Employees Enterprise Agreement 2024


[insert your NAME]

We look forward to receiving your feedback. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact the VAU through our NEPT team using the contact details below:

In solidarity