A huge congratulations to our HSR (Jason Learmonth) and Deputy HSR (Daryl Glover) at Mansfield for their tireless work in the health and safety space for our members. Jason and Daryl issued a Provisional Improvement Notice (PIN) regarding their DWG colleagues concerns surrounding the AV Augment VA – Trial.

The PIN was issued not to completely dismiss this trial, but in order to make sure the proper safety risk analyses had been conducted and assessed comprehensively in the pre-hospital setting. Jason and Daryl raised concerns about the manual handling issues surrounding this new form of treatment and concerns around the risk of electrocution. Their concerns were not responded to by AV, and they had no option but to issue the PIN.

The manual handling part of this PIN is being worked through in AV’s manual handling department, but WorkSafe found that there were alternative gloves that employees could be provided with that would eliminate any risk of electrocution by the defibrillator. AV were confident that 2 pairs of nitrile gloves (double gloving) would be safe enough for members to use whilst applying direct pressure to the gel pads on the patient’s chest during defibrillation, but WorkSafe disagreed.

Therefore, yesterday Jason and Daryl’s PIN was upheld and Mansfield, at this stage will not participate in the AV Augment VA – Trial.

The VAU had also sent to WorkSafe a service request on behalf of all members that have brought their same concerns to us, and we are waiting on WorkSafe to get back to us regarding the larger AV workforce.

Again, another great job by HSRs in their workplace to keep members safe.

STOP PRESS: on 01/04/2022 HSR Ben David just issued a PIN relating to the AV Augment VA – Trial and concerns about electrocution.