The VAU has been advised that members who have completed the MICA Flight training program and are working regularly on the helicopter, have not been allowed to progress to the MFP classification. Instead, members are being directed to complete higher duties forms as Acting MICA Flight Paramedics.

MICA Flight members are reminded of the classification clause 28.2 (b):

“MICA Flight Paramedic (MFP) is a MICA Paramedic who has completed the Graduate Certificate in Aeromedical Retrieval and works in helicopters and fixed wing aircraft. An employee engaged in the MFP classification must successfully complete regular assessments relevant to this position because of the highly specialised role, qualifications, skills and decision making responsibilities required in the aeromedical environment.”

Once a member has completed the requirements and is working as a MFP, they should be paid the correct amount from that point and begin progression through wage bands.

Members who have completed all requirements of MFP training and are working as an MFP but are only being paid MFP rates of pay on a higher duties basis should lodge a formal grievance under clause 11 of the Agreement.

In Solidarity!