The Victorian Ambulance Union Incorporated (VAU) met with RFDS last week to continue to negotiate an agreed outcome in respect of their Designated Work Groups (DWG) and Health and Safety Representative (HSR).

At the previous meeting, both RFDS and the VAU agreed to invite WorkSafe in to assist with the negotiation process. This is a common strategy used when the sides cannot reach final agreement. The presence of WorkSafe at the meeting is always beneficial to ensure that the correct processes are followed, but also to advise those present on DWG and HSR structures that will provide the best possible OH&S outcomes.

Those who were present at the meeting agreed that the WorkSafe Inspectors were very informative and helpful. No determination was made by the inspectors, however. They advised that, after their input and clarification, they believe that the parties should be successful in negotiating the last aspects of the structure.

Agreement has been reached on the DWGs. They are as follows:

  1. Bairnsdale and Sale (branch and office)
  2. Morwell and Drouin
  3. Wonthaggi
  4. Horsham and Stawell
  5. Warrnambool
  6. Bendigo, Echuca and Kyneton
  7. Mildura
  8. Richmond Office
  9. Metro Essendon branch and hangar
  10. Metro Mitcham branch

****Note that only MPC employees are considered here

The VAU and RFDS will meet again on 19 December. It is hoped that final agreement can be reached regarding the numbers of HSRs for the above DWGs. Once agreement has been reached on HSR numbers, negotiations will have concluded. It is the hope of the VAU that we can achieve this at next week’s meeting and commence the new year with a revised structure that has been agreed by all parties.

In solidarity.