The Victorian Ambulance Union Incorporated (VAU) has received multiple inquiries from members regarding the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) Employees Enterprise Agreement (EA). Specifically, clause 23.2 (Shift Allowance).

Clause 23.2 relates to individual members who may, under certain circumstances, fall short of the minimum requirements under the Award in respect of shift penalties. Because the potential shortfall cannot be predicted at the time that the EBA is ratified, clause 23.2 ensures that the Better Off Overall Test (BOOT) is satisfied for the purposes of the Fair Work Act. This in turn protects members from any loss of income.

As a result of the inquiries from members, the VAU has approached RFDS for reassurance that the individual pay audits, agreed in the clause, are definitely occurring. RFDS have assured the VAU that these audits are occurring and that in their most recent audit, they found only two people who were paid below the Award minimum. These shortfalls have now been rectified.

The above is another great example of members looking after their own interests, and the interests of their colleagues, by engaging with the VAU when they have suspicions of an error in their pay. In this case, as a result of the initial member inquiry, the VAU have received assurances that the audits are happening and that members entitlements are protected.

If you feel that you have any discrepancies with your pay and would like the VAU to look into it for you, please contact your NEPT Organisers detailing your concerns. This applies to RFDS members as described above, but it is also applicable to any members who believe that they have an issue with their pay. Don’t let wage theft affect your valuable income. Ask for help if necessary.