Today (Monday 8 May 2023) the Victorian Ambulance Union Incorporated (VAU) held the 2023 Annual General Meeting which included the four yearly elections of Executive and Committee members. The meeting was chaired by President Bernard Goss, with Liam McAleese appointed as Returning Officer.

Following a declaration by the Chairperson that the offices of the VAU were vacant, nominations were called for each position.

The VAU is pleased to announce that the following persons were declared elected to the Committee (State Council) of the VAU:

PresidentBernard Goss
Vice PresidentMichael Toussaint
General SecretaryDanny Hill
Assistant SecretaryOlga Bartasek
TreasurerBelinda Ousley
Ordinary Committee
Zone 1 (Metropolitan Ambulance Victoria Employees)Peter Dowling
Emily Apolito
Andrew Osborn
Heidi Brennan
Damian Warrillow
Eliza Drysdale
Alice Mee
Emily Ripani
Mark Probst
Amanda Lai
Morgyn McCarthy- Harding
Jedda McGlinchey
David Acciarito
Patrick McNamara
Chis Collard
Findlay Ferguson
Chloe Bell
Ordinary Committee
Zone 2 (Regional Ambulance Victoria Employees)Debra Baumgartner
Sasha McKissock
David Watson
Jason Learmonth
Peter Lock
Ward Jongebloed
Steven Daglish
Stephen Hill
Amy Mazurek
Amanda Weir
Mathew Sing
Melissa Loverson
Pauline Caruso
Philip Bell
Ben David
Ordinary Committee
Zone 3 (Private Patient Transport)Andrew Bishop
Peter Earley
Eichelle Carey
Shane Roberts
Ordinary Committee
Zone 4 (Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority Employees)Chloe Bridle
Salisa Doust
Lani Campbell

On behalf of the members of the VAU, we would like to pass on our congratulations to all members who have been elected to the VAU State Council. As the elected leadership team of the union, we know that you will be a formidable presence and will work hard to improve the working lives of our members. 

We would like to express our sincere thanks to Gary Jones, Sasha Peers, Craig Hazelwood, Mark Eddey, Fiona Petrov and Hakan Ibrahim who have all decided to resign from State Council. All have committed many years of hard work and many hours of their own time to represent and support their workmates.

In Solidarity.